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Soy health foods produced by JSC Inter-Soya

Nutrition infringement due to excessive consumption of animal food with high content of saturated fat and cholesterol leads to a number of chronicle diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and others.

On the other hand, protein deficiency in the nutrition of people of any age provokes dystrophy, immune deficiency and other chronic diseases.

Soy foods made of soy beans can be an alternative for the prevention of all these diseases.

Soy is a unique plant with protein similar to the animal protein. The valuable fatty acids of w -6 and w -3 type (an analogue of the cod liver fat) is a compound of the soy fat. Soy also contains such vitamins as B group, D group, E group (this vitamins responsible for rejuvenascence, longevity, and stature and so on) and micro and macro elements.

Ferrum and zinc, bioassimilable microelements, lacking in other foods, are especially valuable.

Milk type soy beans food produced by JSC Inter-Soya under the trademark Soyka are cholesterol-free, have an ideal caloric content as protein, fat and carbohydrate content. They also have valuable organoleptic characteristics.

The group of Soyka products includes natural milk type drink and its fermented by-products  kefir, yogurt (sweetened and non- sweetened) and their by-products  soy cottage cheese (hard and soft), mayonnaise, sour cream and others.

These products are indispensable for people allergic to the animal protein and cow milk, and for those suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disturbances, atherosclerosis and anemia. All soy products have antitumoral and radioprotective characteristics.

Fresh soy milk (Soyka drink) is a diet product cholesterol and lactose free and can be used instead of cow milk, suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inanition, anemia or hypomethabolism caused by either an excess or deficiency of the protein components in the ordinary nutrition.

Soyka fermented drinks  yogurt, kefir are made on the basis of the milk by fermentation with the pure milk-sour cultures (Bulgarian lactobacillus, Mechnikov lactobacillus and others). Daily normal consumption of theese products by children from the early childhood secures the daily need in food components, the lager number of vitamins, micro and macro elements.

Soy cheese Soyka  is a universal food having a full range of necessary amino acids, high nutritious and diet characteristics, and is easy to assimilate. Cottage cheese is made by precipitating the dry parts from the basic soy drink with the help of the lemon acid. It is known in the East as kurd or as tofu, its taste can be varied according to the individual habits and needs due to adding various flavors (herbs and others flavoring). It can be used in cooking numerous snacks, main meals, fillings for pies and pastry and so on.

Okara  is ready to use soy semi-product, cooked and cut to small pieces, enriched with cellulose. It has a nut flavor, and contains high quality protein and fat. It promotes body purgation and biliation, stimulates peristalsis and digestion and regulates metabolism. We recommend using it in baking all kind of pastry, in confectionery and as a protein addition to salads, snacks and so on.


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