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The trade of technology for soy beans processing and equipment.

The firm "Inter-Soya" elaborated five technical documents on soy milk products which are in great demand among the producers who bought their equipment from other firms and those who prefer the equipment of "Inter-Soya". By 1998 "Inter-Soya" has manufactured and sold on turn-key basis 6 units of equipment with the productivity of 50 l per hour with the help of the partner from Kolomna (Moscow region) and 1 unit with the productivity of 150 l per hour with the help of the partner from Vladimir. The latter partner began to work in 1997.

Retail and wholesale trade of healthy products.

"Inter-Soya" created a unique shop for Moscow selling healthy food products which is popular among the different parts of the population. These are pensioners, pupils and students, people suffering from heart, cancer deseases, diabetes, allergy; there are a lot of customers from the artistic sphere, clerks from banks and other organizations who take care of their health. In the period of fasts among the customers there are not only believers but also priests. Following Inter -Soy`s example many provision stores in Moscow and other regions (from Kaliningrad to Siberia) established the similar departments and became wholesale buyers of the firm (now there are more then 100 of them). Today "Inter-Soya" keeps contacts with the interesting organizations of other states - Latvia, Byelorussia and Ukraine.

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